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What I'm up to in a nutshell! These are the campaigns and jobs that I'm currently working on! Check out my media for the latest!

GP Foiling

All about speed!

I'm working towards being a world class foiling sailor! I'm training hard in my waszp and competing in multiple regattas to improve my foiling racing. I'm also taking opportunities to gain experience in the moth and 69F.  

247 Racing

My olympic class journey! 

Together with my sailing partner, we are preparing to run a 2028 olympic campaign. Currently focusing on training hard, refining technique and making sure out FX is set up with the best systems for successful team down the road!

Professional Sailmaking

I figure the best way to understand sailboats better is to dive right into the building process!

This has been a great way to connect with professional sailors and get comfortable with the routines and environment of professional sailing. Sailmaking is a handy skill to have and also helps me with the cost of my sailing. I always look forward to working at my local loft and more Sail GP events with the wing team!


These are a few ways to support my sport journey. There are lots of other ways too so please reach out for other options. Thank you for your interest! 


Tax Credit Donation

The best way for individuals and the community to support my sailing projects! Your support makes all the difference when it comes to equipment and racing opportunities!

Donate here



Have a business open to partnerships? The perfect opportunity to connect your business with my journey in sport and grow together! I look forward to working with you!



Looking for the right athlete to represent your brand? I'll promote your products while you support my sailing adventures! I look forward to working with you! 

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